Procrastination’s Repercussions

Graeme - Hudson, Massachusetts
Entered on June 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Procrastination’s Repercussions

It is always busy somewhere in the world and for the workers of society the most important value is that they finish work on time. If they don’t it can lead to disaster for situations such as fixing a bridge or cleaning a highway from a crash. If these people procrastinate in completing their task a person could fall and die from the collapsing bridge or a car might hit a large piece of metal shrapnel sticking into the tires and causing him to swerve and possibly kill many. In many situations if the worker’s leave their work until later it can be deadly for the civilian that uses what the worker did not fix in time. My dad and my grades have taught me that if I want to succeed I can not procrastinate and leave an assignment to the last minute.

“In the real world you can’t turn in things late can you?” my dad asked rhetorically, “If your boss asks you to get a large piping for a bridge and someone needs to use it later and you don’t get it on time you know what happens, the bridge collapses and they die.” This is one of many times that he has reminded me why I need to start doing my work when it is assigned. I’ve also become sick of seeing grades on my report cards that could have been much better had I done all the homework that was assigned to me. My grades and my dad’s wisdom have taught me the value of completing tasks on time.

A couple weeks ago I was working hard to raise my grade in Civics. When I was doing that what bothered me the most was how much work I had ignored over the term. There was somewhere around seven or eight home works that I had forgotten or decided to put off until later. But what I remember feeling the most was a sense of accomplishment after I completed all of that work. It made me feel better knowing that I had worked hard for my grade in Civics. “Look at that mom it’s the fruits of my labor.” I said grinning with all of my returned work back. “Now all you have to do is keep doing your work.” she said rather proudly. I chuckled and told her I would.

Now I have decided not to procrastinate and to keep turning in my work on time because of the sense of accomplishment that it provides me and the bitterness of leaving an assignment alone. I feel the importance of hard work and it changes me. I don’t want to be the one to have caused problems or slow down society. I want to be an important piece of the community I am a part of. And so, I believe, procrastination isn’t an option.