THis I Believe Essay

Brendan - USA
Entered on June 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe Essay

Some people believe in karma, some so not. I am a person that believes in the polar opposite of karma, instead of good things happening to good people, I believe good things happen to bad people. Not to say that good things never happen to good people, but there are a fair amount of bad things that often happen to good people.

My grandmother is one of the friendliest people you will find anywhere. Not only is she friendly and nice, she is determined to make sure everyone that comes into her house is not hungry when they leave. It is truly amazing the amount of food she offers us every time my family goes to see her. Unfortunately, as all people do as happens to all people with age, her health started to deteriorate, and she suffered a stroke. This was several years back, so at the time I did not really understand the magnitude of this happening. Looking back on it, I realize what a terrible tragedy it is for someone so kind and friendly to suffer so much.

Thankfully, though she ended up making a full recovery and is currently back to her old ways of insisting that people eat until they cannot eat anymore, and she has a refrigerator that is always full. She has also quit smoking, which was apparently the lead cause of the stroke and the doctors say could have lead to many more serious consequences.

One might think that believing in something like this would lead someone like me to stray away from the cause of the problem to avoid personal loss, I would like to strongly refute that notion. I am just as determined as ever to be the best, nicest person I can be just because that is how I am and that is how I was brought up. I am not going to change my whole set of morals just because I am afraid something bad might happen to me. Even though I think bad things happen to good people, I also think that more bad things happen to bad people than to good people. Even though it looks like you can’t win, I am determined to.