Guiding You

Jennifer - Hudson, Massachusetts
Entered on June 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Have you ever believed that people who are gone are still alive at the same time? Yes, they are dead, but their beliefs and thoughts still remain with you.

Walking on the streets, sitting in a car, doing school work or any other activities, there he was, with me. Where ever I am he’s there. Never have I noticed that someone was watching my every move. I believe no matter were you are or who you are with, the one who loves you from up above is here to guide you.

Yes, people have passed away and yes, I still remember them and everything, but not like my dad. Never has anything ever brought me down as much as I was when I lost him. I was picked back up on my own two feet, but not by my mom, brothers, sister, uncles, aunts, grandparents or cousins or friends. I was held up by my dad. He caught me on my down moments and lifted me right back up.

He may be visually gone but he’s still with me to this very moment. He helps me with every step I take to become a better and stronger person in life. At times I wonder what to do and I just think of him and the answer comes right to me. For instance I needed to make a decision about what to do with my friends and I automatically thought of my father as if he were standing next to me. I asked a question that I would most likely ask him to do and I would know the answer that would come from him just by the way he had raised me. From those moments, I knew he was there to help me make decisions I would be proud of. People make mistakes every day of their lives. My dad is here to help me decrease the chances of me making the wrong mistakes as I grow old.