Thomas - 0556, Vermont
Entered on June 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

Thomas Jacobs-Moore



This I Believe

I believe in equality for all people, all over the world kids and other men and women are abandoned because of skin color or religion. When you think about it you want people to treat you the way you see them treat others, but then you go and disrespect someone that asks you a question.

When someone is not treated equally they tend to make the same mistake to other people. This way of life we have started will not stop until we stop it. Slavery was a big example of inequality because someone thought that they were more important. They acted like the African people were less than human so it was ok to make them slaves. After slavery black were still treated as less than human. They had to deal with Segregation. This was another big example of inequality. I think that they handled those two things very well. There were times when they wanted to lass out and fight back but they did what was right. When slavery ended blacks where given a little more freedom and were treated more equally.

To this day African Americans are still discriminated against, but it is not out loud. I mean that they used to get chased and lynched. Now you don’t hear about stuff like that because it has stopped. Today all that happens is that blacks try to stay out of places like Vermont because there is a stereotype that all black people do drug and steal stuff. Equality has been a problem for us because everyone wants to be the most powerful and to do that you have to disrespect someone. If we all stop and think about they way we live and how we step on others to get power than I think we can stop this before it embeds itself into our hearts and our kid’s hearts. Would you treat someone equally if they came to Vermont if they were black, Hispanic, or Russian? Most people don’t.