I believe any one person can change the world

Jacob - 05676, Vermont
Entered on June 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change

All my life I have been told that I could change the world. For a while I didn’t think it could really be done, but then I heard a great speech from Marten Luther King who had already changed the world and he said “you don’t need any thing to be great.” that made me stop and look around look. Instead of the world I had seen before that was set in stone never moving never changing. I saw a world that was mine to make and change and make better. I started to think about how so many others have come so far like Marten Luther King did. He started as just a father a husband and a priest in the end he gave some of the most inspirational speeches and his life for his cause. He and others like have come from nothing to having their words shaking the foundation of what they oppose. All Marten Luther King and other people did was try to help others and they did it no matter what, even if the consequences were dire. This got me thinking maybe it is possible. Maybe I really could change the world and maybe I could leave behind me the never ending inspiration for those that follow, like Marten Luther King and others have done for me. Now I try to live my life to change the world even if its just one person that is desperate for help, or an entire nation with no where to turn. I will do my best because that is all I have to offer and I do it without expecting any type of repayment.

Why do I do this? Because I believe that any one can change the world. Ya, the world is a big thing for just one person to change, but at the same time its not, because any time a person is helped greatly they will see through grateful and inspired eyes and some times they want to help others starting a chain reaction of helping. I only hope this will happen for every person that I help, and maybe it will maybe it won’t but until the world is the way I want it. I live my life to help and inspire so I may one day I change the world in my own way. Whether it’s directly or indirectly this is my goal and belief and by writing this essay I hope this to be the common goal of many other people as well.