I believe a sustainable community is

Christopher - waterbury, Vermont
Entered on June 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: community

My name is Chris Bates, and I live in Waterbury, VT. I believe a sustainable community is a community that has ‘equal rights’, and is able to function in a sustainable way. I live in a community that I feel is not sustainable, because of the way the economics are today. Look at fuel/oil prices these days, it is so expensive it is almost impossible to live comfortably. A lot of people are going to start having to make big decisions, on what they need as to what they will have to hold off from. For example; do I want gas or do I want to pay my bills.

A sustainable community is a community where people can live independently, yet be able to rely on others for help. In order to have a sustainable community we must work together. Like, without a farmer their will be no diary/meat products being supplied. Also without sawyers/lumberyards, their will be no lumber to be supplied with. Without each other we are nothing, and that is why in order to have a sustainable community we must work together.

For each people individually I feel a vehicle is needed of some sort, that will be able to transport you from A to B. A home is also needed to live in that will be able to support a family comfortably. In the home ample amount of food is needed to keep from starving. Everyone should be shared with these rights, so it is equally fair.

Money is one of the biggest links to having a successful sustainable community. When there is no money, than there is nothing to have. In society today singly living off minimum wage is not physically possible, and be able to buy whatever you want whenever you want it. Living in a sustainable community does not mean living off top of the line stuff, nor does it mean living on the edge just barely making it by. It means to be able to live comfortably, with basic accessories.

I’m personally very conservative, because there is very little room for waste. I just started working, and I got my first pay check and spent it all over a couple of things. I was amazed, and realized how important it is too spend money wisely. I learned if I just blow my money, I will not be able to live a sustainable lifestyle.

I have a sustainable lifestyle, yet I feel my community is not sustainable. Everything is so expensive today, it is almost physically impossible to be able to live comfortably. Fair rights are very important to having a sustainable community.