I Believe

Austin - Waitsfield, Vermont
Entered on June 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe

Austin Coles


I believe that 9/11 was not by terrorist. That it was done by our government so that we would support GW Bush in the war on “terrorists”, which is just for oil. We have been deceived and tricked into thinking that people that live in caves in a 3rd world nation cal pull something like that off with no hitch. Come on, walk up and just look at all the holes that are in this attack.

The man that hijacked the planes was not from Iraq, they were from Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. So if we were to go to war on the people that did this, wouldn’t we go to war with them? Both of the countries are our allies, so that’s a red flag. When they talked to GW Bus he said, “I was sitting there in the hallway and the TV was on and I saw the first plane hit.” RED FLAG. There is no video of the first plane hitting. The news said he was in a class room reading with kids. Now if you look at that there are two different stories.

The plane that “crashed” in the Pennsylvania filled; the news said that it crashed. But people that saw the plane “crash” they all said that they saw jet fitter planes shooting it down. The FBI wanted the people to say they didn’t see anything and gave them money to keep their mouths shut. Till they tilled about it about a year ago. Some of them came up missing. Now if you ask me that sounds fishy. For example, the plane that hit the pentagon. That was not a plane but a missile. The “plane” that hit, hit a part that had no people in it. If a plane was to hit that, then there would have been a much bigger hole with plan parts. There were no plane parts at all. Someone should have went to the gas stations and got the tapes over looking the Pentagon. Now if it was a plane that hit them don’t you think that the government would like us to know what had happened and not come and take all that anyway from us? The trade towers were made to take a plane hitting them and standing for hours. To have them hit and fall to the ground isn’t normal either.

So if you look at this then you might see that 9/11 was nothing but a big lie to us, the people. You don’t have t think that this is what happened, but the things I have stated are all true facts that the government has covered up.