This I Belive

Kelsey - Montpelier, Vermont
Entered on June 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe there should be no child labor over seas.

When we have adults that are able work and get paid, what is the point in making children work Are they properly trained to work where they do? They can’t be happy working like they do can they? These are questions I need answered.

Do you ever think about what you’re wearing? Certain items of clothing made in China, Japan, Guatemala? Yes, the clothes you are wearing are being made by children younger than ten years of age. If they don’t make a piece of clothing right, or don’t do what they are asked, they are beaten. Nike, a company who makes shoes and clothes is the number one user and abuser of child labor. They believe in hiring children because they are more kept in line than adults.

There are also a lot of injuries that happen because they are not trained properly. A 14 year old boy was killed in an explosion while filling a tank with naphthalene at a chemical factory because no one told him how to fill it correctly. A 15 year old boy was dragged into a cotton gin and crushed to death after working a succession of a 20 hour day, because be couldn’t stand any longer from working those hours. 70 girls were brought by their teachers to work at a grape processing plant, where their hands bled from working a 16 hour day. This could have been avoided if the teachers and supervisors had either given breaks, or taught them how to do their job properly.

These are a couple of the many problems we have to hear about, and deal with over seas. This abuse could also be avoided if companies weren’t so greedy and wanting.

I believe there should be no child labor over seas.