Education of Hunting

Mark - Waterbury, Vermont
Entered on June 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe hunting provides a great education. It is an education like no other. Things a person can learn from hunting are good ethics, personal discipline, and different animals their habitats and behaviors. Best of all, you can get better tasting meat most of the time than you can at the grocery store.

Learning good ethics are important. Ways to learn ethics are by following the laws and finding where the animal is instead of feeding them. Also good ethics are only killing what you are going to keep and eat. Like if someone is going to kill a deer and just keep the horns and throw the meat out. This is disrespectful. Why should they die in order for there head to be put on the wall? If the animal is going to die either give the kill to the food shelf or eat it themselves. Another important ethic is to shoot the bigger animals so they can grow and don’t shoot mothers with kids because you will also kill the kids.

One way of learning is while hunting. There’s different ways to learn. When I killed my turkey I had to dress it now I no what it is like, or when I catch a fish I’ve been shown how to gut one fish now I know how to gut fish from now on. Even though practice helps the first

time is the most important. Instead of looking at pictures I’ve seen actual body parts and touched them. Although there different from a human they serve the same purpose. I’ve seen many different animals in there natural environment and see how they interact with each other. While hunting I’ve learned how to walk quieter and have self discipline to sit still and quiet. Also how to be very observant as to be able to track the animal and still watch ahead in order to see the animal. Even before I could go hunting I had to learn how to use a gun safely and I sight my gun in every year so I can get accurate and use to my gun again.

I say that it is better meat then a grocery store because no store sells deer or bear or wild turkey or grouse. Also the meat in a grocery store is grown in places that they feed the animals steroids and give them things so they get fatter and bigger so they get more money. Also it is a higher quality of meat if it has gone through the natural process of growing.