This i believe

Ryan - north fayston, Vermont
Entered on June 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

I believe that our money has no value to our government. Our government is $9,414,237,151,822 in debt. That is a lot of money to owe, so why do we have to pay taxes to our government if money seems to have no value to them? That doesn’t quite make sense to me.

There is no end to our spending every single day our debt goes up not just a little but by millions and billions. There is no stopping it and its going to turn into a big problem because somebody is going to have to pay that money back. I believe that this is a huge problem that we have, I mean what if someone where to just walk into a bank and say I need $5,000 and took in and never paid it back. it can’t just be put on some kind of tab it needs to be paid back if is doesn’t someone gets penalized.

I think that the working class is going to be penalized because somebody is going to want there money at one point or another. On a daily basis on average we go 1.58 million dollars deeper in debt. That is a huge number. Every day we spend that much money. This is something to think about is anyone even keeping track of all this money that we are spending? Here is other fact: There are about 304,161,664 people living in the U.S. If every one in the U.S. shared the debt each person would owe $30,957.43. How would you like to owe that much money for something that you didn’t have any thing to do with? There is no limitation to how deep we are going to go in debt and there is nothing we can do about it, and it’s going to hurt us in the long run.

So that is we I believe that our money has no value to our government and it needs to be resolved somehow. I think that the heavy government pensions that nobody else except the big dogs may have something to do with this whole problem but that’s something that just happens I suppose. So that’s what I believe, and I hope someday it will change.