Wilson - Warren, Vermont
Entered on June 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

At the beginning of this year I didn’t care about conserving products or using energy efficient products; but I have been taking a Creating Sustainable Communities course through out the year that has made me think twice. During this course we have talked a lot about how to save energy and make this world more sustainable. We have researched enough to know that it is more important then everyone thinks. We recently did a project with the question “What makes sustainable community?” in mind. There so much you have to find out in such a simple question. Through out the year this course has taught me sustainability is more important then most people make it to be.

This I believe.

There many things right now that we could do but aren’t doing to keep us sustainable. We could have solar cars and much more that could save us money. Why don’t we then? The simple answer to that is…money. If we had solar cars how would the huge oil plants make money? Our government cares more about them making money then us saving money. When I refer to us mean the average people, the normal Americans that are just trying to save money because prices in every field is going up.

As time goes on and more technology comes out we are getting less sustainable. Through much research through out the year I have come to realize that back in the olden days someone could keep a shoe until there was literally nothing on his or her foot. Now we have 2-50 different pairs of shoes. Why do we need that many shoes? There is no answer to that. All these shoes do is create more trash for us to stuff back into the Earth. Shoes are just one example of this; there many more though,

I know a lot of people really don’t go home and say how could I help the world today. There are little things that anyone can do around the house such change light bulbs to energy efficient bulbs. I would to speak on television to everyone and notify the people of how we can become sustainable.

Overall there is so much we can do to be sustainable such conserving or buying energy efficient products. I think everyone could easily become apart of changing the world for the better; they just need to know what we are doing. Everyone needs to ask himself or herself: Do I need to driver there? Do I really need these shoes? If you could stay away form driving or buying things that you really don’t need we could create a world that is more sustainable.

This I believe