Live life with no Regrets

Nathalie - austin, Texas
Entered on June 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe in living life with no regrets. If something happens…it happens, it’s done. You can no longer do anything about it. And if it’s bad don’t regret it because at one point you wanted it to happen, so why would u regret something you wanted?

I remember when I stopped talking to my best friend because of a stupid reason. It was because I had told her a secret that wasn’t supposed to get out at all, and I trusted her with it because she was my best friend. After I told her I heard it got out and sooner or later I realized it would reach my mom, and it did. As soon as I walked in the door I was yelled at and given the third-degree. This made me so furious that I took it all out on her.

I knew it wasn’t all her fault but it hurt so I decided to chill for a while to get over it. I told her I needed some time for myself to think things over. A while turned into a month and I didn’t want to stop talking to her forever so we started talking again. I told her I forgave her and we are currently still best friends.

Then more problems arose, but this time with my boyfriend. I don’t have much patience, so eventually I got tired of all the drama and fighting and decided to take a break. After a few days I decided it would be best for me to try new things and see what’s out in the world. So the break ended up being a break up. It was very hard at first because it was my longest relationship; about six and a half months. I eventually got over it and we decided to be friends and still talk.

I am glad that I made the decisions I did, because they are just a few more steps out of the million more I will have to take in my lifetime. I don’t regret not talking to my best friend because if I hadn’t stopped I would never know how much I would miss out on if I never would have met her. I mean yeah I did miss out on a few fun times but it’s much better than never having any at all. I do not regret breaking up with my boyfriend either because I would’ve never been able to see what else the world has to offer me.

I believe we should live life knowing that everything happens for a reason. Instead of regretting it, try to find the reason it happened and learn from the lesson being taught. In life there are many lessons and they are all just building blocks to the larger picture. They all lead to something higher. If you live with regrets you will never learn the reasons why everything happens and never get anywhere. This I believe.