Every Child Should Be the Favorite

Jonathan - Las Vegas, Nevada
Entered on June 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: equality, family

There are many children in today’s world who lack the basic fundamentals to succeed in everyday life. The children have been robbed of their ability to become all they can. Why might you ask? Well the answer is simple; they are not their parent’s favorite child.

It is apparent to me, as well as many others, that most children are being treated differently than their siblings, whether it is older or younger. I have three older sisters, an older brother, a step brother, and a younger sister. I have been anointed the favorite child by way of unanimous decision. When my sisters and I went to the store with our parents we would all scurry along through out all the aisles in the store to find the things we wanted. When it came time to put the things we had gathered into the basket most of their stuff was put back before we reached the check out line, but I would always end up with everything I wanted. The scenario that was just given does not seem like much to our parents, but to my sisters it meant a great deal.

Most parents tend to cling to one child more so than the rest, whether it is their first child, last child, middle child, or even feeling the need to protect one child more than the rest. My parents felt they could never leave my side when I was a child due me being diagnosed with asthma. What most parents do not realize is that they can create an aggressive environment for that child with their siblings. As a child my two oldest sisters resented me because I received all the attention from our parents, so they felt it was their duty to rectify the situation by dressing me up like a girl.

Not only can they create an aggressive environment, but they can also damage the self esteem of the other children. Self esteem is a huge factor in the development of children. Let’s refer back to the earlier scene in the store with my sisters. Since I received everything I wanted, I had no trouble asking my parents for anything else I wanted; but for my sisters they would hesitate from then on, in fear that they would be told no. This particular incident had a long lasting effect on the relationships with my siblings and me.

When one child sees their sibling receiving more attention or getting what ever they want from their parents, they start to feel resentment towards their sibling. My sisters and I have gotten into numerous fights due to my parents giving in to my every whim and desire. I was returning back from the shoe store with my mother, and I had just been bought a new pair of shoes. When my sister did not receive anything she threw a golf ball at me. Since I was not the type of kid to just be pushed around, I threw the ball right back at her. When I threw the golf ball she started to punch me, so I punched her back. We just fought, for what seemed like an eternity, until my mother came in and broke us up. This was something she would have to do many times that day. This incident was one of many over the years that almost led to my sisters’ and I not to be close, but lucky for us these incidents did not stop us.

I believe that every child should be treated like the favorite child not only to help build the self esteem, but also to help the relationship between siblings become stronger. Helping to build sibling relationships at an early age can mean a great deal to the growth of a child. If my sisters’ and I could not come together, I do not believe that I would be the person that I am today.