Making A Difference Can Help Stop Genocide

Jocelyn - Londonderry, New Hampshire
Entered on June 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: injustice

I believe that genocide is a big problem that needs to be stopped. Thousands of innocent people are being killed who are not even rebels. More than 2 million people in Darfur and East Chad have been displaced. Their homes are being destroyed. The people of Darfur deserve to live in peace and harmony, and not in a horror filled place. People need to help stop the violence and needless killing.

Genocide is defined as “the destruction of a nation or an ethnic group.” What causes this to happen is when there is either hatred, an authoritarian government, or the government wants to control people who do not agree with them, or rebels. The hatred in genocide is toward the whole group and people are not thought of as individuals. The authoritarian governments are able to carry out genocide with fear. In the book Genocide, it says that fear helps to enforce secrecy, and then the secrecy and fear help make an easy way for them to kill people. The government in Darfur wanted to stop the rebels, so they sent militias called the janjaweed to help stop them. The janjaweed started to kill everyone, even once the rebels were gone.

Many cruel things happen during genocide. In Darfur, there have been many brutal, coordinated attacks. The janjaweed have torched towns and have tried to destroy everything in its path. The janjaweed have now killed at least 200,000 civilians. They have even started to steal cattle and other important things from the people of Darfur. In East Chad women have been attacked, beaten, and violently abused. The janjaweed have taken the violence too far and are not doing what they are supposed to be doing. This is unfair to innocent people who are just trying to live their lives.

Right now, people are trying to help stop genocide in a couple of ways. The United Nations is trying to get involved by sending peace keeping troops to Darfur. The government does not want them there and doe not want their help. Amnesty International, a group devoted to human rights, is helping by promoting the CD Instant Karma. This CD is a collection of songs written by John Lennon that are sung by artists who are popular today. Some of the proceeds are going to help the displaced people by providing food, clothing, shelter and other things they need. There are also many churches around the United States that are trying to help raise money to send to the people in Darfur.

I believe that governments need to help encourage basic rights so that people can learn how to respect each other. Genocide can be avoided if governments help enforce basic human rights. People can help by encouraging peace talks. If people talk more, they will think of the other group as being made up of people instead of just a group. They can talk to each other, get rid of misunderstandings, and put a face on the people they hate. It would help if the form of government was democracy instead of an authoritarian. It would be harder to single out a group of people if everyone had to be treated the same way. Lastly, people can help by getting more information and facts in the media about the group being wiped out. The janjaweed need to understand that these people are not a threat, have a certain way of life, and that they have important values in their lives.

The fact that people continue to be killed and displaced in Darfur is a serious issue that needs to be solved. The government of Sudan needs to recognize basic human rights. The capital of Sudan, Khartoum, is now wealthy from an oil boom and is building high rise towers and wealthy cafes while 600 miles away people are starving and dying. The government does not care that people are dying and will not let any peace keeping troops in its country. This is wrong and people need to get involved anyway that they can to stop genocide. If the public is aware of what is happening and contributes money to organizations that are working to stop genocide, a difference can be made.