Why Video Games don’t Cause Violence

Derek - Londonderry, New Hampshire
Entered on June 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that video games do not cause violence. They are just a form of entertainment and cannot possibly affect a person’s mind. Like when was the last time you heard a person go kill someone else because they saw it on TV? Probably never, right? Well, it’s the same way with video games. Yes, you’ve probably heard that the Columbine and Virginia Tech Shootings were caused by video games, but that’s just the government blaming something they know little about, as they need a reason for these horrible things, and the only thing that they could see the person did to even remotely warrant it was video games. Most government officials that do blame violence on video games have most likely never even played them, so how is it that they “knows for a fact” that video games cause violence? They don’t and are just using video games as a scapegoat because the game has violence in it. But what game doesn’t?

See, I’m a hardcore gamer, and play video games every chance I get. I have never done anything bad, never thought of killing someone, and I rarely get in trouble in school. I get good grades (usually A’s), and don’t cause trouble at home. They have done studies on whether or not video games cause violence, and some tests have said that they do cause anger, but others say that the anger doesn’t last. I’m proof that it doesn’t.

Yes, video games can cause anger and stress, but they can also cause sadness, grief, and compassion. A good video game immerses the player into the game, and causes them to feel for the character, sometimes relieving stress. Some games cause stress, and some relieve it. God of War does both. God of War causes stress because it makes you think to solve the many puzzles in the game or because you can’t get by a particularly hard foe or group of foes. It can relieve stress by tearing an easy bunch of enemies to shreds with the game’s very gory violence. Let’s say you’ve had a hard day at work or school, you come home, and you pop God of War in the PS2, and cut people to pieces. This relieves any stress I have, and helps me deal with things if they get too bad.

Video games do not cause violence. They help reduce it by taking your anger out on virtual people, and not in the real world. I play all the violent games like Gears or War, God of War (2), the GTA series, the Mortal Kombat series, and more all the time, and I’m not violent at all. If any parents are reading this, you don’t have to be so strict on what your kids can and can’t play. Buy them a game that has violence in it and see how they react with it. You never know, you could see an improvement in their school work, or even their attitude.