Laura - Pearl River, New York
Entered on June 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I believe in teamwork, the idea of “we” instead of an “I.” When everyone works towards one goal, everyone helps everyone else. If one person has a weakness, another cancels it out with her strengths, so that everybody has a part. The accomplishment is so much better when you know you worked along with others to be a part of the success you all created together. Not one person ever does all the work, and recognizing everyone’s part can bring you very close with one another. Especially in sports teamwork is very rewarding. If your team can really learn to work as one, the team will be able to pass the obstacles, which kept it from success. You will achieve everything you ever could have wanted from playing on a team

I am on the field hockey team at my high school. The first year I played I was on the junior varsity team. I knew we had a reputation of being a team that never won, and on my first year we lived up to that reputation. We only won about one game. We tied a few, but we only won one. We did not know how to work on a team, and we knew that was our biggest weakness. Next year our teamwork needed the biggest improvement. I hated losing, as did the rest of the team, the returning year I was a sophomore and we decided that we did not want to lose anymore. Everyone worked really hard to be better. We had an extremely strong defense, but our offense was what needed work, so at practice to help improve our offense, defensive players would go against offensive players, without holding back. At the beginning of the season we scored about a goal every game. By the end of the season we had about two or three every game. We won games early in the season and the number of goals we won by started to increase. Everyone helped each other. We ended up scoring, in just about every game.

It was really exciting for our team to win. After coming back from a season where scoring a goal was rare, being on a team that won, felt really good. Other teams did not take us seriously and expected an easy win against us. We proved them wrong; we believed in ourselves. Together we worked as a team to be able to do what we wanted all along, which was not only to win games but also to gain the reputation in our own school that we could be just as competitive as other sports and teams. We could win and be a team too. We could have never done it as individuals; it was the team working together that made it happen. We finally learned to be a “we” and not an “I,” which is what teamwork is all about.