Reaching Eternal Salvation

Curtis - Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
Entered on June 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: afterlife

Curtis Robb This I believe essay

I believe that we as humans were put on this earth to fulfill the wishes of a superior being. This being is any that a person believes in, not just one constant of a single person’s belief. You can do anything that you want, but you will not be fulfilled until you fulfill the wishes of the greater being that put you here. In order to make this holy figure happy, you need to live your everyday life with many positive attributes. This may be as easy as including any of the following attributes in your everyday life; joy, hope, happiness, goodness, kindness, thoughtfulness, and love. If you can somehow manage to include these attributes in your everyday life, then you are one step closer to eternal salvation, but you are not there quite yet. To be accepted into the greater place after you die, you must also spread the word and the beliefs of your god or gods to the other people in the world. If you can help people become more knowledgeable about the power of your god, then you can influence them to become more open to yours and other’s beliefs. This helps you become one step closer to eternal salvation, yet you still have work to do, for it is very hard to become pure in the eyes of your lord. The final task you must do is live as though you were your lord, without trying to become them. This means that you must live your life trying to show how your lord would live his life, showing people the pros of your religion and try to help them also seek eternal salvation. Your god tries to get as many people to live the life of purity and freedom, and by expressing this in your everyday life, you can show people what is really important in life, and that is to live by your beliefs so you may become saved by your lord. If you can accomplish all of these tasks, then you will go to heaven or your own place of salvation to live forever anew. This is what I believe.