This I Believe

Paige - presto, Pennsylvania
Entered on June 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I have always had a love affair with words and what they truly mean and their immense powers. Speeches, writings, and discussions excite my teenage heart, because behind them your age, gender, or lifestyle can disappear.

I believe that words are the most powerful force this world will ever see. Words can solve problems or represent differences, but they always provide a way out of conflict, more words.

My mother incited this belief in me at a young age when she began growing my vocabulary so I could always defend myself, speak my mind, and confess my soul. Now that I am older I use this power as my defense, as my expression, and as my future. Some day I hope you will again hear and read my words.

As a teenager people have a tendency to look down on what I do. As a woman my strength is seen as harsh. But my writing and my words are not forced behind the same jaded views because people can see them and read them without knowing who I am, just what I have to say.

Words also unite in discussion. I am liberal and have different views than others. I have friends who are conservative and very religious, but with the power of words they can open my eyes and my heart to things I do not see or do not understand. I only hope that my words do the same for them.

Really though, I think people miss out on the power of words, without them or limiting them restrictions the minds, the future, and the world. How can help be given if it can’t be asked for? How can plans be made without words to describe them? How could this be read? Try to have a feeling that can’t be put into words and express it to someone else.

Words allow people to question, to answer, to connect and that is what is most important in the world. To learn, connect, and grow with others. Words in sermons can touch the soul. The begging of the hungry touches the heart. The last words of a loved one are treasured forever.

So I believe in words and all they can do. From Gandhi to you and me we can use words to incite change. Like JFK during a crisis we can use warnings and words to avoid disasters. Like Shakespeare we can use words to express love or lust. Like me we can use words to express what we believe. So do what ever you can to keep your words and to grow more. Remember that I am here and that you may not agree with my beliefs, but at least you can read what they are.