Araceli - los angeles, California
Entered on June 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that friendship is an important part of our lives, without it life wouldn’t be as exciting. I have to different types of friends, one are the ones who I consider to be my real true friends, and the other are just acquaintances who I happen to know or talk to at random times. I happen to have five friends who I consider to be my true friends. They have been there for me all the time, even during the times that I thought I couldn’t trust anyone.

Last year during summer school I got the news through a class note that one of my close friends had been killed. Looking back at my friend and looking at her expression right away let me know that it was no joke; my friend had really been killed. I went into this depression that I couldn’t come out from. The death of my friend didn’t set into my mind right away. I just couldn’t help but to think that I wasn’t going to see my friend walk by and joking around like he always did. It was really hard for me. I would look at my messages and phone calls hoping that I would have one from him but nothing. That’s when I started really understanding what was going on. At that point I needed all the comfort that I was able to get.

At school I was really quiet. I was no longer that one that joked around or the first to laugh. I just sat in my seat, thinking and reminiscing about me and my friend and all the things that we would do. As my friends started realizing that if they didn’t help me get through the pain some way, then I wasn’t going back to my usual self. Little by little they started talking to me, trying to make me feel better. I realized that I was able to rely on my friends through the good and bad. They never let me down even if I didn’t want to get back up.

I believe that having true friends made me who I am today. Because of them I am able to keep my head up knowing that if I fall they will be right next to me ready to catch before hitting the ground.