I Believe in Self-Motivation

Kirby - 91320, California
Entered on June 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe…

I believe in self-motivation. I should be my biggest inspiration. A lot of times there won’t be anyone to guide me or create my path. I have to have heart, desire, and passion to support myself and take myself down the road called life.

With a big heart comes the ability to succeed no matter what the situation. While playing and then coaching softball, I realized that having heart isn’t something that can be taught, I told the eight year olds that were on my team, “I can teach you how to play this game, but I can’t teach you to want it. I can’t teach you to have the heart to want to be here and want to win—you have to bring that upon yourself.”

I can tell by a person’s personality at first sight if they are self-motivated and a huge part of that is desire. The difference between making a goal and achieving it. I can plan them out all I want, but desire is what really makes me succeed.

And last, but certainly not least is passion—the most important part of self-motivation. To listen and apply even is it’s the last thing on the earth I want to be doing. A great basketball coach once said to my team, “I’m sorry if this is the worst day of your life and I’m sorry if you’d rather not be here—but you’re stuck here for the next two hours so why not make the most of it?” That is passion; getting over the bad and making me stronger. Realizing what I want to accomplish and motivating myself to get there.

A good motto that I live by is “what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.” I believe in self-motivation and having the ability to create my own strength. Have the heart to want to succeed, have the desire to set goals and reach them, and to have the passion to do what I love even when I don’t want to. That is self-motivation, and that is what I believe in.