Words Work

Anthony - Lynnwood, Washington
Entered on June 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe

I believe in words.

I know, what a cliché topic to write about. But I really do. I really think that words change the world. Everyone always says that “actions speak louder than words.” But I think that just means everyone’s not saying it right.

After all, according to the Bible, how did the creator make the world? He didn’t take his hands and mold it out of the dust of the stars. He said: “Let There Be Light”. And there it was.

I believe in words because you and I can do that same thing, although on a smaller scale. For when I say to you, “a blue couch” for a split second that couch is in existence as real as anything else in your mind. You can see it. And If I go on to describe it further, with its broken seats that no longer support very well due to years of joyous children springing on the cushions, so that when you sit down on it, you fall about 3 more inches than you had originally intended, then you can almost feel it. You know the couch I am talking about, although neither one of us knows if it actually exists. With words, sensation is created out of nothingness.

I believe this is because words are a bit like boats. Boats that are named after their cargo. So when I tell you of tranquility. A little bit of peace has just been unloaded at your coastal port. They cannot make it on their own, however. They need to be send with care and direction. The sender must really want them to get to their destination. This is why when I wake up and talk about the dream I just had, my family hears me, but when Dr. King Jr. told everyone about his dream, people listened.

I believe that words are proven powerful because they are used by evil. Evil as the means to an end is effective, efficient, and only uses the most effective means for its own propagation. The existence of lies, deceit, and propaganda are testaments to the effectiveness of words.

64% of people believe every statistic that is thrown at them without doing any fact checking. And if you believed that last sentence you are one of them.

However, just as words can shroud you causing others to see you differently; I believe words can be a flashlight, x-ray machine, and lie detector all at once. Words can inspire. Words can cause someone to write about them. And what has been written about that wasn’t worth writing about?

Words can cause outrage. Some words are illegal to say on television, and because of tourettes, we know there is a special place in your brain designated to only those words.

I believe that words can describe anything. No matter how far away from society you run, no matter how outlandish you dress and act, words can describe every facet of your existence.

I believe that a compliment can be as treasured as a family heirloom, an insult as devastating as a knife wound.

Words have been behind every major accomplishment of mankind. Sure mathematical and scientific phenomena don’t require the use of eloquence, but although they are accomplishments they are accomplishments of nature or whoever built this crazy place we call our universe. I am talking about democracy, literature and law; language, communication and trade. These are human feats, and they all changed the world through words. Words have changed the world before, and words will do it again.