Happily ever after

Gabi - Australia
Entered on June 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Last year, my Abuelo died of cancer. While he was dying my life was really upsetting. Most the time i couldnt bare to see him in pain. When he died i never would have thought anything good would come out of it.

We needed to move my Abuela closer to us because she lived about 20 minutes drive away.

she ended up moving to a unit across the road from our house, a 2 minute walk. I go after school to visit her and I get to spend more time with her then i may have missed out on with my Abuelo. In the end it was a happy ending. I still wish my Abuelo was alive, but this would be the best thing that could happen after his death. (besides from him miraculously comming back to life)

In fairy tales, everybody lives happily ever after! i believe that is the same in like too. Sometimes it may take more then a couple of pages to work out but in the end it alwats does. The happy endings in my life aren’t always clear. Like in the story about my Abuelo, in the start i would never have thought anything good would have come out out of it. I know it sounds weird me talking as if it was a good thing, because i wish it never happened, but in the end something good happened. Like for example a person loves someone that doesnt love them back, they might move cities and fall inlove with someone that does love them back, they get married and live happily ever after.

I want to tell you to never give up, keep hanging i there no mater how damageed your life seems at the time. If you hang in there something good till come out of it and hopefully you will live happily ever after!