This I Believe

Lisa - Dowell, Maryland
Entered on June 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

Growing up as a child of parents who work in a funeral home, I have had many unusual experiences. Twice in my lifetime I have actually lived connected to a funeral home; every night my little sister and I would silently explore the dark and silent hallways, the empty break rooms, the casket display rooms, and the rooms where the actual funerals were held. The pews would sit empty and silent, the fluorescent lights would be dimmed, and the soothing music in the background was quieted. It always seemed like funeral homes were probably the only building, which when empty, meant good news. When day came, all these rooms were to be filled with people. Every so often my sister and I would be sitting around our rooms, and listen to the solemn murmurs of people planning or attending funerals. On some rare occasions, I was able to get glimpses of people that attended the funeral home through the crack under the door or when they left in their cars. I had realized that they were all normal people; all sizes, shapes, colors, ages. The only thing in common with them is that all of them had lost something. I would have never known of their loss if I saw them on the street; I would have assumed that everything was all right for them.

I became afraid. I was afraid to be cruel to people, or disagree with them. I feared that the person I was talking to knew someone that died; because of that I became more quiet than usual in the classroom and in public, I didn’t want to offend anyone. It took me a long time to realize that I shouldn’t be afraid of people. It was just life and the loss of it that. Everyone has to go through it and I couldn’t stop it, but I could make it better. I became more open and friendly, I try to be friendly to everyone I meet and stay friendly to everyone I know. I believe in being kind to everyone, because everyone is fighting a battle of their own. Because of this, I plan to grow up and go into the medical field, because I want to help others. If I can’t stop the things that make people sad, I at least want to prevent them. This is what I believe.