Last Hope

Ringo - Jacksonville, Florida
Entered on June 10, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: hope

Sometimes it takes for at least someone to believe you before you lose hope. Sometimes there is no one there at all that tells you not to give up hope. In those times alone when you wonder why you cannot find anyone to believe you are the times you do not realize there is someone. The first answer people will say, especially the religious sectors, is God. But really, when we think of the right answer harder, we ponder why you ask why no one is around. Because you still believe someone does believe – yourself! It’s as simple as math. If you agree that as long as someone believes you, the hope prevails. Technically, you are still believing yourself. Your reaction to what you don’t see is what deter you from realizing you still believe in yourself. If you strongly passionate with hope, that right there is the least one person that will remain believing you – yourself!