Being a overcomer

Elizabeth - hopkinsville, Kentucky
Entered on June 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

When I was young I was always good in school. Then as I got into the 6th grade things became harder for me to grasp. My dad was the only one to help with my homework . He has always been very smart, he never had to study it just came to him. He never really had patience to begin with, but when it wouldn’t come to me as quickly as he thought it should. He would beat me down with his words. I was “stupid” or “ a dumbass”. I was never going to make it in life according to my dad. This went on until eventually I felt he was right and I just stopped trying. I was never going to be anything anyway so why waste my time. I ended up pregnant and a drop out at 15 years old. All I heard from then on was how I was going to live off welfare and I would just ruin my baby’s life. It got so bad that my father and I became strangers. He would walk by like he had never seen me before and would only stop to say something hurtful.

I thought about giving my baby up for adoption, his dad wasn’t in the picture and I was going to be a failure anyway. I just couldn’t, every time I felt him kick I fell in love all over again. At that point I decided that I wasn’t going to let my father decide my future. I went on and got my GED when my son was 1 year. Now my son is 3 years old and I’m in my 3rd semester of college with a 3.0 GPA, studying to be a RN. I’m very happily married and my husband is adopting my son. With all this said I believe that even when you feel you are going to be a nobody and you have been beaten beyond repair you can still overcome and have the life you always dreamed you would have.