Now and Forever

Natalie - AE
Entered on June 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Now and Forever

I believe that family is the best thing you have. Friends will come and go, but your family will always be there. For me family means I can tell them anything and they will listen. I can be myself without getting looks or getting teased. My family jokes around but in a fun loving way. They drive me to sports and are out at my soccer games, even when it’s raining and 30 degrees outside. It also means that they will always love me.

My family moves a lot with being in the Air Force and I have to make new friends. For the first few months I have friends, but not close ones. During this time my family is there supporting me. I know that I will always have my family not matter what happens with friends. It gives me peace in my mind that I have that. Most of the time I don’t even feel the lose of not having close friends.

I also believe that you shouldn’t take your family for granted or what they do for you. My Mom and my Dad do a lot for me. Sometimes I realize that they might not always be there and I start to think about all the things my parents do for me. Even the little things they do I realize I would miss. I realize that my parents give up so much of their life for my family. Family to me also means that you all work together and cooperate. It means that when I watch TV I fold clothes. Or if I am done with homework I might help with dinner. It means babysitting my little sister without putting up a fight or mowing the lawn without argument. Not that I am saying I always do that but I try to. You spend half of your life with your family so you might as well get along and help out.

Without my family life would be very difficult. There would be nobody to tell my problems to, or ask stupid questions or somebody to help me with my homework. And I am not just talking about my parents. I have a younger sister and an older brother and without them my family wouldn’t be complete. There would be nobody to wrestle with or annoy, nobody to joke around with and nobody to give hugs to. My family is part of my life. Without them it wouldn’t be complete.

I believe that great friends are like family also. Great friends are also part of your life. You can act weird, stupid, and even mean and they will still love you in a brotherly or sisterly way. Without them life wouldn’t be as fun. Your family is like the rock and your friends are the bugs or animals that live in or on the rock. For some people their friends are the rock because they don’t have a family. But for me I have an awesome family. And I thank God everyday that I have them.