better recall

Aaron - lusby, Maryland
Entered on June 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: question

As times turn there’s really no way to choose fate of what you want to become. It doesn’t matter what race you are or what place you came from it’s who you are and what you make of it. Many people’s lives have changed from inspirations, signs, and different formalities. Different people have different personalities; different ways of how they look at life some people think we only live to die some think we live to be caste out. That’s not how I think the way I think is different from a lot of people. I’m happy with my life what I am and who I am my family and friends are basically the only ones I got, no one else have ever really helped me so I’ve always seem to help my self . Try to better my self to be the best that I can. I think about different things everyday thinking of what it would be like without certain people in my life, people that have helped me. They have seen me grow up seen my life turn in different ways for the better and for the worst.

I’ve never really had a hero I have never really had a real figure to help me I’ve had myself. The decisions made real are the ones I live by there what makes me. In school I’ve never been the star pupil the everyone can look at and not say a word. People ask me when I’m going to drop out but the thing is I’m not going to drop out I’m going to stay in school as long as it takes to get my diploma and better my self for a better future. I use to get good grades up until I was in seventh grade and then they started slumping. No ones ever perfect people make mistakes it is what makes you human no one can get through life without messing up once, without someone asking them why they did this or why they didn’t do it.

People get killed, people get abused. People live by crime some live by being good. I live my life by many philosophies many stories I’ve heard have made me think about others. Like why would choose to fight if its just going to make matters worse you mess with one you mess the rest is what a lot of people think. There’s no need to judge some body “it makes me feel better” HA. You need to think how others feel. You make judgment of some that’s fat or disoriented but you don’t know if that person has a bad home life and hurts themselves to forget the pain, the pain that you have brought upon them. You don’t know if they trying to restart a columbine. I think about someone doing that everyday on my way to school. I don’t know if I walk through them doors will someone be there waiting with a gun in there hands and people dead. You never know I never know.

I want people to make better recall to think before they speak because I don’t want to be the one dead for someone else’s actions. For something they’ve done. Thinking its all fun and games well in life I believe we are all victims to society in many ways. They say at least one person dies each day, just because there dead doesn’t mean there memory doesn’t live on. In my life I’ve almost lost my best friend to alcohol poisoning and if it wasn’t for me he would not be here today having my back the whole way. But in all sense people are remembered no matter if they had friends or not. Some people that murder are put under severe guilt there is no way to forget what they have done. A saying I once heard “of killing suspense comes great retaliations” seems to be true now doesn’t it. Kill there friend or a member of there family means your either going to be in jail or in a box six feet down. Doesn’t matter what you said or how hard you tried to fix it.

My life itself has been brutal is has been torn into piece and sewn back together. But I’ll always know that there’s at least one person in this universe that has had it a lot worse than me. I walk through school and just see plain stupidity people shouting what crew there from and what they represent. The fights for no reason just because said something about there hair or what there wearing its unbearable to consist. But they don’t do anything ten days of suspension and there back in school still talking about each other. But I’m not going to lie I’ve been in many fights in my life, but what I have figured out that it has never fixed anything all its does it start more hate between me and that person. But now I know that I only need to fight if it is serious and I know that a lot of stuff just needs to roll off my back other then making it a big deal.

My name is Aaron and I believe people should make better recall before speaking there minds.