This I believe

cheryl - 20657, Maryland
Entered on June 10, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: change, family

“The quote that is similar to me is the greatest and most important problems in life are all in a certain sense insoluble. They can never be solved, but only out grown”

I believe The reason that the quote best simulates my life because I have been threw lots of problems that I had to deal with in my life but I know that they will never be solved but the only reason I feel that I can solve it is to out grow it and be mature to just let it go.

One of the story’s that I have went to threw for thirteen years is my dad and mom got divorce when I was about three and I lived with both parents one parent a week.

Both of my parents were arguing with each other when I was around my mom would not let my dad be a father figure to me and at that point my dad needed to be in my life. My mom started bring this guy around my house and later on they got married and she tired to make him to be a father figure to me but at the age I was I already knew that he wasn’t really my dad and I always wanted to see my dad and she would take us to the mall or go on vacation every time my dad want to come see us and it got to that point my dad was tired of my mom hiding from us so he went to the court house and went to file custody paper’s to get custody of me and I was five at the time and I had to testify to tell the judge who I really wanted to live with so then I did and that day they wouldn’t allow me to go to her house to get my stuff she had to bring it to me and I went to my dads to live with and I could only see my mom every other weekend and every weekend that I did see my mom her and her husband would hit me or would ground me so I couldn’t do anything when I came over all because I wanted to live with my dad and then I went to school and they had to re teach me everything that I needed to learn because when I lived with my mom I didn’t go because she didn’t want my dad to come to school to come get out of it and when I turned 11 after I lived with my dad for 6 years I went back to my moms to see if she changed a little and would care a lot more since I was older but she didn’t and now I am 16 and I back with my dad and I love it and I work and I just live life not really worrying about it and I don’t take it out on them because I m older a mature and understand we are family and need to stay together so that’s the quote that best simulates my life.