Hunting in America

Colby - Duxbury, Vermont
Entered on June 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

My belief is that people should be able to have the right to hunt. My father taught me how to hunt when I was just a little kid. His father had taught him how to hunt when he was just a little kid. This has been a practice for many generations in my family.

Hunting requires a great deal of skills and a lot of practice. Not only had I learned the ways of hunting from my father I also had to take a hunting safety course through the state. All of these lessons required all of my attentions so that I could become a good and responsible hunter. It was very fun and hard at the same time.

Hunting involves a lot of time planning and waiting. It involves all this time and planning because you have to study the animals and their habitat. You also have to know about the environment you are hunting in because you never know what is going to happen when you are out in the woods.

The first time I shot a deer was the happiest experience I have ever had. I was the happiest kid in the world when I found my deer dead lying on the ground. I was up all night going out and looking at my deer hanging on our pole because I just could not believe that I had killed a deer. I believe that everyone should experience something this so exciting. It is exciting because your adrenaline gets going and the fact of knowing you have just killed an animal is amazing.

I believe that hunting is also resourceful because it is a way of feeding ourselves. People need to hunt because it cuts down and saves some of the food that is made and sold in stores. If people didn’t hunt the animal population would sky rocket and there would be animals in people’s backyards destroying their property.

I believe that the people that are trying to stop hunting are wrong. These people that are trying to stop it don’t realize what we hunters are doing. We hunters are pretty much maintaining the animals herd population. They are just thinking those poor animals never did anything so why should they be getting killed.

When the killing of the animals gets to out of hand and the population get low there are rules that we make to help the number of animals in the heard increase. We have already done this for the past couple of years and it has brought the deer population back tremendously. Now that the population is back there will be better hunting and more deer to be hunted.

So my belief is that everyone should have the right to hunt because is not just about going out and killing animals. Hunting is about getting food for your family and maintaining the population of animals around our environment.