I Believe in Music

Jennifer - West Gardiner, Maine
Entered on June 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that music is pleasure. American Idol winners, rap concerts, newly found bands; they all exhibit the same sweet sensation and desirability. I still remember my first concert without my parents. I had an epic feeling of being unrestrained, independent, but still a sense of worry.

As I passed the edge of the doorframe into The Station Nightclub, I could hear the band Amber Pacific playing. The sound of them put a smile on my face. I didn’t really like the words floating around my head, they were just a warm up band, one I had never even heard before, but the rush of excitement had finally hit me. I was free of my parents, and experiencing music in the most sensational way. Every time the band switched songs, I felt an emotional change. I could feel the passion in the music, the anger that forced the words out every time the chorus was repeated. Connection was made between the music, the singers, and myself.

There was a short walk down some stairs, and we took a turn and saw the stage. It wasn’t like any stage that I had ever seen for a concert before. This stage was about one foot off the ground, rough, rigid and ugly but would soon hold the members of the band, Sum 41.

When they began to play, and I felt another instant charge of enjoyment. I liked the bass beating inside my body. I liked how I was covered in sweat because there were so many people in such a little area. I liked how the only thing on my mind in those few hours was how I was going to get through the mosh pit and up to the stage to touch the singers. I liked the refreshing, invigorating, energizing feeling of the music as a whole. Music became a part of me that day.

I liked the pleasure the music brought me. Being surrounded by music mesmerizes me. Concerts are a way to fill oneself with music, to have the sound in your head, no thought. Music allows me to escape reality. Reality is made to be escaped upon occasion.

For days after, I could still feel the excitement of what I had experienced. The buzzing in my ears was a symbol of my accomplishment; gaining independence, and having a good time. The highs and lows of life seemed to be reflected in the pitch of the songs stuck in my head. The words never left me; I still have them buried in the back of my mind.