The Importance of Trust

Melanie - Verona, Wisconsin
Entered on June 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, integrity

When I was young my parents taught me the importance of making decisions for myself. Even such mundane choices as what color shirt to wear or what bedtime story I wanted read were considered vital. Every time that I made my own mind up, without prompting or prodding, I became stronger. I saw that my life was mine, and I would be the one who decided how it was to be run.

As I get older the choices that I make become more important: which college to attend, whether to drink or not, who to be friends with; but my parents continue to let me choose. I know that they are there to provide guidance if I ask for it, and that provides me with a great sense of comfort, but they hold an inherent trust in me.

My parents’ trust in me is so deep-rooted that I don’t believe that I will ever break it. I don’t have a curfew, but I get home before midnight. They don’t hover over my shoulder to check if I’m doing homework, but my grades remain steady. They may question me, but they never issue a command beyond that of cleaning my room

They know that I am an adult now, and they respect that. I no longer need ask their permission to go somewhere – a practice that even before I turned 18 was more for politeness than necessity – I merely need to provide a way that I can be reached. They never preach to me, we have discussions and debates. I don’t ever remember hearing the words “Because I said so,” uttered from the lips of either of my parents.

I am who I am because of how they raised me. I have confidence in my decisions because I have been able to make so many of them. I am capable of being independent because I’ve been allowed to let go of the apron strings. I know that I can go out into the world and make choices and be the person that I want to be, not the person that I’m told I should be. Because my parents have trust in me, I’m able to have trust in myself. I have promised myself that when I have children I will give them the same trust that my parents have given me. I believe that there is nothing more important that any parent could do than to trust their child.