This I Believe

Victoria - Cooksville, Maryland
Entered on June 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I lead a normal life. I’ve never been through any horrible tragedies, experienced a life-altering event, or done something to change the world. My beliefs have never been tested, nor has my faith been questioned. Normalcy surrounds me, encasing me.

I am too young to be able to construct what I believe in because I haven’t had the experience. Few people in the mature stages of life know exactly what they believe in. Most go through life unaware of what they believe or unsure of the path they chose. To truly understand what direction your moral compass points, you have to be tested, questioned, beaten down. Only then can you discover what will make you stand fast, hold strong, and never back down. A belief needs an action.

A typical dictionary can define belief as: conviction or acceptance that certain things are true or real; trust or confidence. Some say that a belief is much more than that. Others think of a belief as just an opinion. The varying meanings of the word belief are so diverse, that it may be impossible to define. As I sit here, examining, thinking of every possible meaning of that word, I fail. Remaining and intensely studying makes me loose all meaning of the word belief. Like most concepts you spend too much time on, it starts to make less sense, almost alien.

Society has made us think that we all need beliefs. Beliefs of freedom, love, religion, and many more. When asked what are your beliefs, from one person to another, the beliefs are all the same. Is this what society has taught us, or are we really all that much alike? Most of us haven’t even experienced the raw emotions that these strong beliefs cause or forced into action preserving those beliefs.

I have not reached the turning point in my life; I haven’t come of age. I have no beliefs, at least not now. They just may have not been discovered. Certainly I have my opinions. I have very strong opinions that are voiced quite frequently. And maybe my opinions will form into beliefs when the time comes to put them to the test. This I uphold.