School for humanity

Jackson - Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
Entered on June 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe, the reason for school is to learn humanity. I go to school and learn the subjects that are taught, but I learn something else, too. When I am in my classes, I see more than there is in the textbooks, I learn to be a human. The social interacting and the way we give and take respect from each other make us more human. I see the way that people expect to be treated and what we have put into our minds. No one says it, but I think that you learn more about life and how to live than history or geography or science. In modern schooling, we have a push on math and science because of all the technical jobs and engineering careers. We have less and less studying of history or English. These courses have been looked at as less important even though the teachers of these subjects usually have so much knowledge of a crucial field for human survival, that they give me and the other students, humanity.

I want to become a teacher because I have spent my life so far watching the growth of those around me. I see those who are oblivious to what isn’t right in their face and those who will notice the half inch taken off of my hair. It is because of this that I feel the best way to shape the earth is through the development of other people. This has driven me to work hard in school and try to be the best person I can.

Each day I feel like my interactions with students, listening to teachers, and studying is preparing me for life. I may never need to know how to find the volume of a cylinder or when Boron was found. It may never come up in my life when Napoleon was exiled or how to conjugate an adverb. What does come up is me. I am the person who knows this, can figure out the why of the knowledge. It is through the teaching that we learn who we are and why we act like this. When we graduate, we are told to act well and continue our education. To me there is no better way that to be the person who feels empathy with the world. With this knowledge I look towards my future and learn. I learn to be human and to study my courses diligently. I learn to be human in school, and I learn to be better than the people who don’t want to learn. In this way, I can fulfill my duty to the human race by being human myself.