The Technical Breakdown of Value

Christina - Glenwood, Maryland
Entered on June 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Humans by nature have a predisposition to classify, categorize, and analyze the world in which they exist. They create formulas, models, and specific methodology for performing tasks ranging from mathematics to culinary science, physics to poetry. Exploration follows a similar dissecting trend in logic from Democritus’ proposal of the atomos, the smallest subdivision of matter, to biological explanation for emotion through neurons and the concentration gradient of sodium and potassium ions. Most class which I have sat through (math, science, English, art) use similar formula-type approaches to promote adequacy, but at what cost?

From the anatomy to the psyche, humans have analyzed almost everything about themselves. What is a human? Scientifically, a human is a complex mass of cells, a species of mammals that evolved from the primate branch. The nervous system controls the body, the respiratory system intakes oxygen; the circulatory system pumps nutrients throughout the body. Compared to other species, humans are nothing special when it comes to strength, vision, speed, agility, stamina, hearing, or the ability to withstand extremes of environmental conditions. To compensate for these deficiencies, humans use their superior intelligence to create technology. We have created cameras and telescopes to see farther, vehicles to move faster, and houses to shelter us from the environment. We have created diseases for every possible combination of symptoms, terms for every abnormality, and medicines for ever mental condition.

Humans contain more than just a heart, a lung, a brain. They have a soul inside that cannot be defined in any text book. They can sacrifice and forgive. Humans are complicated. They can act insecure. She can act cliché and gossip. She can act stubborn and pig head. He can make the wrong choices. He can act selfish. But for some reason, we still love them.

Looking at the disassembled elements the beauty and emotion of the whole becomes lost. I believe a genuine beauty is found in the whole.