Katelyn - Mount Airy, Maryland
Entered on June 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I don’t really know what I believe. It seems like there are two sides to everything. Everything that you can think of has two faces. There is never one story always two. If you kill someone then people look down on you, but the other side of the story is it could have been self defense. With opinions there are always multiple variations. You could think this, while another has the exact opposite opinion. Then person #3 has a compromise or a totally different idea. People are such an unknown factor.

I also believe that everybody was born good. There is at least some good in everyone. It can be stomped and smothered, but it is still there. I think that people can make choices for a reason. Choices determine our lives. Your actions determine how you live. One can make their own decisions, but they have no right to make choices about other’s lifestyles. Our ability to make choices between good and bad make us human. Though life can be fickle and two sided; you could make a good decision and a bad action could result, or you could make a bad decision and something bad could happen. Possibly you could make a decision and then there are negative and positive consequences. You never know. So, one must simply live their lives with risks, but try to be smart.

Life can’t be controlled. One can try and maybe control small sections, but that will make life very dull. Surprises are the spice of life and should be used when necessary. Teenagers tend to be very lost and moldable. They usually have not had enough experience to figure out their beliefs yet. I fell like most teenagers — lost; I believe in stuff, but it is difficult to articulate what those things are. These are a few insights which have popped into my head. All I can say is that in life even if you don’t know what’s coming you just have to accept things, roll with it, and react accordingly.