The Sudden Twists of My Life

Elizabeth - 90026, California
Entered on June 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: illness

Sudden Twists of My Life

I believe that I shouldn’t take life for granted. So far in my life I have learned to appreciate every minute of it. But, what I didn’t know was that my life was going to take a sudden twist. My life has changed.

I was the kind of person who always relied on tomorrow, leaving everything for the next day. I was sure everything was going to be the same and that tomorrow would come along as boring as the day before. My mother always took care of me and looked after me. But, now the cards have turned and I’m looking after her.

One day when I came home from school my mom wasn’t there. I was surprised she wasn’t home since she’s always there before me. Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door; I paused at first and then opened (my mother). To my surprise I had the flashback of all those happy moments in my life. Rain droplets were going down my cheeks with pain and sadness. Her voice was as delicate as a child learning to speak. Her lip had run away from its place and slid to the side.

My life took a sudden twist that day. My mother experienced a stroke and that changed my plans completely. She was now ill and I had to take over. I was no longer her responsibility, but she was now mine. Now I take responsibility for myself of my mom, instead of my mom caring for me. Now I take life more seriously and take every minute as a blessing. I thought nothing would ever happen to me or my mom. But, with my mothers illness I learned that I couldn’t take life for granted. I thought that my tomorrow would come without any effort. I thought my whole life and the people I love would be healthy and normal, but to my surprise I was taking life for granted.

This event gave me a different mentality. That day I learned an important lesson which was to not take life for granted and to enjoy each day of my life as much as possible.