Religious Beliefs

Eric - Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
Entered on June 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“Religious Beliefs”

There are many beliefs in the world. For me, my religion, my beliefs are different then those of my church. My church believes that there is no reincarnation. I believe in not reincarnation but that the soul, when in purgatory, must become the conscious of a new born baby. You see when a person dies their soul goes to one of three places; Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory. If the person lived a bad life then there’s a good chance they will be in Hell and there for no chance of redemption. If the person lived an amazing life filled with helping others then they would go to Heaven. How ever if the person just lived an okay life they will be placed in Purgatory to then have the opportunity to lead another person to heaven and their reward would be also to go to heaven. The soul’s job is to guide the child from teenager to adult hood living as good of a life as possible. If the soul leads them through a good life, then both of them would make it to heaven. If it led through an “eh okay” life then they would both be in purgatory to try again, to set things right. If the soul did a bad job on trying to protect the person then the soul would go to Hell and the person who had a bad life would determine whether he goes to Hell or stay in purgatory. It would just cycle through and the process would go on for ever until Armageddon. Although these are my beliefs, I believe that one day, people will realize the true light of things. Catholicism has almost everything, they have answers for some things but, they do not have a believable answer to what a conscious truly is. They say it is God trying to guide everyone to a good life. Personally I don’t believe that He can do all of that for every human being in the world. It simply is just too overwhelming for even God to control everything. My beliefs seem to be a good answer to that. It is a shame that the church does not believe in the same things I do. I would go to church more if I had a deeper understanding of how and why things happen. I wouldn’t say that I am a true Christian but, I do have beliefs. I believe there is a god. I believe that he is in everything at all times but, everyone at some point in their life questions that. It truly is a shame that people should ever question their faith but, it happens.