I believe in my mom

Jasmine - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Entered on June 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe in my mom. Do you believe in yours? My mom has always been there for me. When I am sad she’s right there wanting to know what’s wrong. When I need help on something, she’ll come and help me. No matter what, I can always count on my mom and she’ll be right by my side. My mom will never hesitate when it comes to me.

My mom always shows me she loves me by giving me hugs. She shows me she loves me by taking care of me all of these years. She also shows me she loves me by always putting me and my sister first. I know that she loves me because she’s at home with me and my sister all day every day. Another way I know is that she puts up with me when I start acting up.

My mom trys her best to do what she can for me. She shows me that because every time I need something she always trys to get it for me if she doesn’t already have it. She also shows me that she loves me by giving me money and buying me clothes. My mom trys her hardest even when times get tough, but she never gives up.

Me and my mom have a good mother and daughter relationship because we talk about anything. I can tell my mom anything and she won’t get mad at me. She always understands what Iam talking about. I never thought that me and my mom would ever have an open relationship like we do now. Me and my mom take walks together and joke around. Me and my mom always have fun together.

I will always love and appreciate my mom for all the things she does for me. I don’t know what I would do without my mom. That’s why I believe in my mom so much, because no one can love you like your mom. I think that everybody should respect their mom just for bringing them in this world. These are all the reasons why I believe in my mom.