These, I believe

Ben - Amherst, Massachusetts
Entered on June 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the small issues. I believe in the local issues. I believe in working on achievable goals. I believe that if you start by changing one little corner of the world, you can begin to make a difference.

I believe that if you work hard, you may not succeed, but you can put up one hell of a fight. I believe that it is the fight that matters, and if you fight, but don’t make it, someone else will see your effort, and continue your battle.

I believe that the human race is good. I believe that the core of being human is your Super-Ego. I refuse to believe we are ruled by the Id. I believe in the lessons we teach our young kids. I believe in the morals of children’s tales. I believe that we can leave this world better than we found it. I believe that we can be a force for good. I believe that we will overcome our self-created obstacles. I believe that while no one person can stop the human race’s quest to do what is right, one person can make that journey so much faster.

I believe that I can amount to something worth being. I will not believe that I will live my life as a nobody. I believe that I can solve problems. I believe that if I try to do everything, and do only ten percent, I still will come out better for having tried. I believe I can be a promoter of change. I believe that for change to matter it does not have to affect thousands of people, it only has to affect one.

I hope that I will never be content to sit in a cubicle and make no difference, impacting no one. I hope that I will make someone’s life better. I hope that I can succeed; and I hope like hell, that the world will always improve.