This is what I believe in

Mike - 21047, Maryland
Entered on June 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: Christianity

I’m guessing you are a believer of coincidences and luck, you believe in

people, love, truth, family sex, but do you believe in yourself? It seems

that you don’t want to believe in something you can’t comprehend something you

can’t prove. Maybe the fear of the unexplainable, unstoppable just plain

weird experiences drives you in this direction. I don’t know, and I know you

know that I can sit here till I’m blue in the face and tell you your wrong but

your not you have your opinion and I have mine. We both pity each other for

the lack of knowledge in each others eyes. But in the end we are the same. I

have my blue skies, my rainbows, my love, and even my Hallmark cards, but

instead I call them His, not mine. I share His blue skies and His rainbows,

His love and yes His Hallmark cards.

I stand for a God who loves all and cares for all, who has sent millions to

die for others so they may live a better life. I stand for a God who is all

knowing, who is blessed and cursed with that knowledge. He knows all the

great things that people do and all the terrible things that they do. If

everyone followed Jesus Christ then all the terrible things that happen in

this world would be nonexistent.

It’s hard for me to hear God blamed for all the terrible things in this world

when it’s the humans that rape, kill and destroy. God can do anything, but he

gave us a brain and our choice to do what we wanted to do. He has no control

over us, unless we want him to guide us and even then we still can stray from the path he lays out for us. Some people are deathly afraid of

the idea of someone else leading their life and run and hide from it. But

with a guiding hand we can be lead to things far greater then anything

imagined. You say you don‚t need heaven because everything is great. What

happens when everything isn’t great? What will you do when your heaven fails

to bring the happiness that it brought before? I pray that everything stays

peaceful and fulfilling, I pray that you and your wife stay happily married

for the rest of your days, I pray that your children grow strong and

beautiful, I pray for your house that it would stay cool in the summer and

warm in the winter, and I pray for you, that you may stay strong and healthy

for your family, so that you may provide for them and bring the food to their

plate, I pray for and open heart and a deeper understanding of the Truth.

You sound like a great man and father, and I hope you read this with a calm

heart. I wish it not to create anger, but more of an understanding of one of

the religions of this world. I am a Christian, a believer in the God our

Father, in Jesus Christ his son and the power of the holly sprit. I believe

that Truth is our sword; I believe that the Living word of God is Truth and

Truth is The Bible. I believe that with faith no weapon formed against me

shale harm me, I believe that faith is my shield and with Jesus Christ as my

savior there is nothing that I can not do. This is what I believe; this is

what I believe IN. Thank you for your time.