Why You Should Hug An Alien Today

Valerie-Mae - San Diego, California
Entered on June 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Hello earthling!

It is in my cosmic duty to tell you who you, yes YOU should hug an alien today! Aliens are said to be extraterrestrials, meaning, not of this earth! However that term is widely known by the alien community to be extremely heliocentric! Aliens think of themselves as a community of unity and therefore, no ONE is an extraterrestrial! We all are! See the common ground?

Aliens have traveled from far and wide in order to gain your, yes YOUR, respect. They have come from Zeta Reticuli, the Pleiades, “Mars” and other far off planets and stars! They have traveled numerous light years in order to visit you, yes YOU, in order to help you realize the inner potential of mankind!

Aliens believe that humans, like themselves, have the power of change. We humans have been misusing our power in nuclear wars, corruption and in having negative influence on those less off than ourselves. Aliens, especially the Nordics from the Pleiades, urge that we give out more HUGS and help our earth! We should hug a tree, hug a fish or hug a grizzly bear! We should be thankful that we have such diverse resources and animals on our precious planet. We should not be destroying it with our man-made chemicals and weapons of mass destruction! Instead, we should save, recycle and emphasize with orders in order to help mankind. Aren’t Aliens the BEST eco-preservers?

Many of you might be afraid to hug an alien given their austere appearance. However you, yes YOU, should not be afraid to show your love for our dear cosmic neighbor! Many aliens, like the Nordics, share similar physical build to humans (which is why some walk among us). If you feel uncomfortable hugging a grey or reptilian , it’s alright! Just work from the bottom up and I’m sure you’ll be addicted to hugging such wonderful beings ( :

Many of you might might not want to hug an alien because you have been tainted by the “fearsomely gruesome” stories told by some abductees. I’m here to that they have come in PEACE! Aliens, like ourselves, enjoy carrying out genetic experiments that may seem controversial or strange. Like the cherished efforts of our stem cell scientists, aliens also need ways to help their race survive. So, they gently abduct people and take them to sterile offices on board their spacecrafts in order to borrow some of your, yes YOUR, cherished body tissues. Usually, these checkups last a mere 30 minutes, which is the same time you usually spend in traffic! Would you rather spend 30 minutes in a death-trap of cars, claustrophobia and stress, or would you rather spend 30 minutes saving an entire race of intelligent beings? I believe anybody would pick the latter!

If by any chance, you, yes YOU, see an alien, please give them a hug! It’s likely that they would give you something special in return. Many people who have only just gazed into their big night-black eyes have been given the gift of empathy and knowledge of how to better our universe. See how nice they are?Others who have been sterile their whole life have been given children when extending hugs (and more) to our cosmic neighbors! I’m sure they could give you even more if you extend your wonderful human emotion to an alien in a great big bear hug!

So in conclusion, fellow earthlings, please, when in contact with an alien being, don’t panic, just smile and… give them a hug! I sure will!