Friends are Forever

Layla - Avon, Connecticut
Entered on June 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

From the time I first set foot onto the plush carpeted kindergarten classroom, until the second I toss my graduation hat into the air, these people will always be around me. Who are these people, you might ask? They were there when I learned my ABC’s, learned how to read, how to utilize the quadratic formula, and learned to never to fall for Mr. Marella’s corny jokes. These “people” are friends. And I believe they are the most important people one’s life. I remember when I first moved to Avon. I felt vulnerable. All the new faces and attitudes frightened me. And when the girl who bullied me would look at me funny or slip in a rude comment, my friends were there to tell her to piss off. When I didn’t know what to say to the boy I liked, my friends were on the other line to act as my personal Dr.Phils and help out. And yet, friends are underestimated. Parents might think that letting you go to your friend’s house to hang out is a waste of time, yet the time you spend there is time that helps you build your foundation for socialization. Everything you do with your friends today will mold you into the person you will be in the future. Being friends with positive people can, and will lead to thinking more positively, and carrying out positive actions. Like my friend Catherine, who I met in seventh grade English class. We would laugh over Mrs. Schwartz’s outfits, which usually consisted of Halloween socks which were worn with sandals in the month of June, or tight shirts that made her look fatter than she really was. We would mourn over how she would grade our essays unfairly, which took us most of the week-ends to do. And yet, we still do these things, even now in High School. When she was depressed because she got rejected from the boy she constantly fantasized about, I would make her laugh with my cold-hearted jokes. And when I needed help with my math test I had the next day, she would use her Asian superpowers to help me understand the concept of equations with radical expressions. We would talk about anything, and everything. To this day, she still helps me out in times of need. Having more friends like these can greatly impact your happiness and your ability to form future friendships. Without friends in my life, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I wouldn’t be me.