life is fair

Kelsey - Lewiston, New York
Entered on June 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

There are a few reasons why I believe life is considered to be fair. For instance, karma does play an effect on everything that occurs. Also, hard work does pay off and no work will kill you in the long run. Finally, life is fair considered to your own actions. If you push yourself to what you truly desire, you pay off what you get.

The reason I see how life is fair is abroad. First, I feel that karma plays a major role in life. For example, treat others the way you want to be treated. If you are nice to another person than they will treat you the same. If you are nice and someone treats you without respect, then later in life they will deal with the guilt they played within their past. Also, another reason I feel life is fair is the hard work to do will pay off in the future. For instance, practice makes perfect. In order to maintain a strong athlete, you need to work for it and attend practice daily. If you fail to attend practice or try, you begin to drift off to nothing and loose your fame, ability and confidence. The reason I am familiar with this situation is because I am a well-maintained athlete and I worked my butt off since 7th grade competing in numerous races for track. At the beginning of my 10th grade year, I began to slack off and think I didn’t need to practice. Unfortunately I wasn’t running as well as I expected because I thought I had enough training when I really didn’t. As the result, my confidence and ability to run suffered significantly. Finally, life is fair considering to your own actions. If you tend to slack off and remain lazy for a long time, nothing will ever get done and you will have a significant amount of stress. For instance, during the school year you tend to remain lazy, not study for tests or finish any projects, you end up with a failing grade. A failing grade could result in severe trouble at home and restrictions to join school activities. Also, it could put you through a hard time in college and your future career. Clearly, this is how I feel like should be considered fair.

In conclusion, there are many ways how life should be considered fair. First, karma plays a role where treat others the way you want to be treated. Second, practice makes perfect. If you fail to practice, you fail to become perfect. Lastly, actions taken part can lead you to various directions towards life. Obviously, I feel life is fair for many reasons due to my history in life.