Something to Believe

Mohammad - Boise, Idaho
Entered on June 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When I was younger, everything seemed so much simpler. People, objects, and ideas are either good or evil, and we can all together change our world. I was taught in elementary school and by my parents, that one person can make a difference, and if I set my mind to it I can make an impact on this world. Then, as I grew older, and more aware of the world around me, things changed. It was complicated now. I used to believe in justice, but then I looked around, and didn’t see much. When police officers can shoot an unarmed man 50 times, and get off clean, where is the justice? When white teenagers hang nooses from a tree where African Americans had sat, and get off clean, while the African Americans who confront those teens get charged in court, where is the justice? There is none. I used to believe in peace, but when I looked around, there wasn’t much. When genocide is occurring in Darfur, Sudan, while everyone stands around and watches, where is the peace? When the United States invades a country, instead of truly seeking diplomatic solutions, where is the peace? When bombs are dropped in foreign countries, with no thought of civilian lives, where is the peace? I used to believe in change, and then I took a look around, and saw too much of the same. When the same old politics of pointing fingers, taking money, and solving no problems, occurs every year, where is the change? When businesses outsource jobs, to conceal shady business practices, where is the change?

So I sat there, pen in hand, thinking, what do I believe in? Then it occurred to me, that I had lost much of what I used to believe in. I thought to myself: how can I believe in justice when justice is continuously ignored. How can I believe in peace, when people fail to maintain it, or solve anything through it, throughout the world? How can I believe in change, when all that is occurring is an evolution of people’s strategies, coming up with new ways to avoid making the changes that are necessary? While people are believing in and working for: justice, peace, and change; there are just as many people, maybe more, working against them, so why should I believe? Then, I went through what I know about myself, and one thing that I discovered is that I want to believe. At this point, I think that maybe the best thing I can do, is observe. I should look around at the world I live in, because it is better to be informed and uncertain,, than to be a ignorant and certain. I put down my pen, and left my room, with my new mindset. It is not as important to believe, as it is to know why you believe. So I wait patiently, for something to believe in…