A house Still Divided

Robert - Richmond Hill, Georgia
Entered on June 6, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe the fight for civil rights in this country has gone wrong. Somewhere between Dred Scott and this moment, America has replaced The Dream of racial freedom and social equality through hard work and education, with a system of slavery based on self defeating social entitlements and the expectation of something for nothing handouts.

I can’t believe that Dred Scott fought for his inalienable rights with the idea that achieving them, he would be entitled to have everything given to him because he was black. He asked nothing from anyone; he wanted his God given right to be free, and determine his destiny. He wanted The Dream! To work, and enjoy the fruits of his work! When did The Dream turn into The Nightmare of the expectation of social entitlements, and something for nothing-ism?

I am disheartened that my African American forefathers fought and died for The Dream of racial freedom and equality, only to have it turn into a fight for the building of personal power bases for the African American Elite to rob our black brothers and sisters of The Dream. Our political system has developed into a monster, sustained by self defeating entitlement programs which serve only to help those people who put them in place stay in power.

Many of our most prominent black leaders sustain their positions by promising their constituency that if they keep them in power, they will be guaranteed something for nothing, a handout. Black religious leaders preach sermons, filled with hatred, bigotry, and racism. To what end, that the ears they fall upon will be empowered to stand up and control their own destiny? No! Black Americans are being robbed of their dreams and their birth right by our own people. It happens on the street, it happens in church, it happens in school, and it happens in government.

Social programs for those who are truly in need of assistance are a part of our social contract! Let no one dare to take help away from those who are truly in need! On the other hand, programs which promote the destruction of the ideals upon which the fight to end slavery, the civil rights movement, and the hopes of every individual that fought and died for the cause of racial freedom and equality, should be cast aside.

The time has come for black leaders to press the ideals of achieving racial and social equality through hard work and education, not through dependency on mind numbing social entitlements. Our society is still a house divided; as much today, as when Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against it self cannot stand.” The division today is not one of Freeman vs. Slave, but of racial and personal empowerment borne of hard work and education vs. the slavery of soul robbing handouts and entitlement programs. If we continue down the same paths, we will continue to reach the same destinations. We can not forget The Dream.

This I believe!