I Believe in Girls Playing Sports

Crystal - San Ysidro, California
Entered on June 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality, sports

Everybody has always had the idea, even throughout history, that boyrs are stronger, faster, and therefore, more capable to play and win sports. Baseball, though, is a sport that takes not only strength and speed, but skill itself. Anything can happen during a game, so it is important to pay attention, both when one is fielding and batting. So, girls would actually be the best fitted to play such a sport now that they are known for having the “brains.”

Even though I claim that girls should have more opportunites to play sports that are “meant for men,” I don’t blame people for believing that girls “just don’t play sports.” Usually, when girls are forced to play sports, like at a school’s physical education class for example, they just stand around and make it worst for their team now that they’re just in the way rather than trying to help them ou t. Then, when the teacher comes, they pretend to be in the game just for the grade. I always remember them saying “I hate P.E.!” for countless reasons; because they wanted to stay in fashion and not change to their assigned uniform; they don’t want to run because they don’t want to sweat and mess up their hair.

I’m not saying that all girls are this way because I considered myself an athletic girl. I LOVE to play sports, escpecially baseball and softball. I play baseball whenever I have the chance and get together with my friends at the park to play a game. I am a strong supporter of the idea that girls are competent of doing anything that guys can do and maybe even better. I believe in girls playing sports.