Success is the Best Revenge

Alenn - San Diego, California
Entered on June 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that Success is the best revenge.

In there thoughts, I’m a no good, no future, no initiative, undisciplined, unintelligent, irresponsible teenager. In there eyes, I’m a pants sagging, underwear showing, slang speaking, incompetent adolescent. They said I can’t make it, well they didn’t say it, more though of it. Their words encircle me, constantly attacking what is left of my so called self-confidence. Their glares burn through me, like ants under a magnifying glass, slowly burning that of which I call poise. But I do not let it get to me, my self confidence now, instead of being encircled, surrounds their words and fights back. My poise, now withstands their burning glares and overtime became resistant to hot temperatures. All because I believe that Success is the best revenge.

I live a stereotype, because my stereos type of music is portrayed as uneducated and full of fabrication. My type of education is only made to educate my type, the dreamless. Now I’m not necessarily dreamless, I just dream less than usual, for my actions in the world of reality are more crucial than those in dreams. I am what you may call a minority, not because I’m Filipino, but because my chance of graduating and going to college is under the percentile marker labeled low in a graph chart. They said I can’t make it, but I believe that success is the best revenge.

I dream of many things, of cars, houses etc. but more importantly I dream big. But they believe that it is not possible for me to reach such heights. That my limit is set for automatic failure, because my look is professionally unprofessional, and my diction contains words not belonging in the dictionary. That the cliché “The sky is the limit” does not refer to me, because my sky either disappeared or is to low to even notice. But I disagree, because I believe that success is the best revenge.

To them I’m an automatic failing, no far getting, never to be remembered, never to be noticed somebody. They were wrong in describing me in all aspects besides one. I am somebody now, and I will be somebody later on in the future. My path in life can’t be signified by my choice of words, my color of skin, my style of clothing and my ethnicity. Furthermore my chances of success cannot be represented by a mere percent graph and statistics chart. Why? Because I believe that success is the best revenge.