Make-up: Superficial or Confidence?

Sthephany - San Diego, California
Entered on June 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in make-up. Call me what you may: superficial, materialistic, vanity stricken, self involved, or shallow, but I believe in make-up and the power that comes along with it. Make-up gives me the confidence I once had before the media came in to my life. Flipping through the channels on television or going through magazines, all I see is one beautiful person after another. I see how perfect, how impeccable, how exemplary and how flawless these people are. How it is impossible for anyone to look like that? How is it possible for me to look like that? How do I possibly compare myself to perfection? I am conscious of my flaws and even though I quit trying to compare myself to others, I still have my insecurities. Make-up is able to cover up my insecurities, even if its just on my face. Make-up gives me the confidence the media manages to take away. Make-up is the key to making me feel as beautiful on the inside as those people in the media are on the outside. There is no make-up for being too tall or too sort, no make-up for being too skinny or too fat, no make-up for being slow, no make-up for being poor, no make-up for any other insecurities. Make-up rids me of the self-consciousness even if its just on my facial appearance. Although it is only make-up, it gives me the self-assurance I need to be myself around other people. It may be fake, but make-up gives me that confidence booster that I need in my life.