I believe in mixing different genres of music to create a perfect melody.

ilse - SAN DIEGO, California
Entered on June 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When I was younger I was obsessed with mainstream Pop, a little Britney spears here and a little backstreet boys there. I was wearing the skirt and I tried to have my hair just like Britney. Too bad I was 9 years old and my parents didn’t let me dye my hair blonde or any color. My room became pink and I wanted my independence, so my mom bought me a plastic purple phone for my room and a plastic pink chair. I thought I knew everything and had everything.

Then my taste in music changed dramatically it all started when I went to a party near my house with some older friends and I heard this Rap and hip hop jam, everyone was singing foul sticky music and I enjoyed it, that’s when I realized MTV existed.

My world of pink and glamor didn’t seem as cool compared to the ones in MTV cribs and my neighbors who were obviously older than me and made jokes about how “uncool” I was and saying I was a little girl, I wanted to be cool so I noticed I liked looking at myself in the mirror with a bunch of make up in my face and I liked drama, boys, and loved constant song themes that I heard in the radio that I would constantly mimic in my daily life. When I had a crush on a boy the girls of hip hop would always be there Ashanti and Destiny’s child were just one of my many. The radio in the streets were booming with loud stations that I didn’t even know existed, but later praised them hearing the songs over and over. There I was throughout my middle school years listening to “cool” music and I even tried to dress like the singers and famous people in the TV shows and music videos.

Then rock happened all through high school and during my parents constant arguments, I used it as an escape of the world. One guy introduced me to the world of rock, alternative hardcore etc. It was the end of freshmen year and I was a helper in a community house where we helped kids with homework and had various activities. It was fun and the main counselor turn out to be a guy that I will never forget. His name was Rudy and he was a senior in my high school, he was so rock with his vans and his black sweater with his favorite band name. He always had his music and I loved each song, it was as if he knew exactly what song to put on, he even taught me about his music, he became my music guru. He taught me about Aquabats, Sublime who are awesome and lucybell three major bands that I can hear over and over, their songs give me an escape.

Recently, though I have turned my music to a philosophy and I have a huge 60’s phase I love the era and their ideals. Of course I worship the Beatles their music give you a love story, a tragedy and a reason to stand up for what you believe in. But, I believe I am more confident in myself and I enjoy a great variety of music. I love musicals and you can’t ever stop singing enough Sinatra and all that jazz. I’m always constantly looking at different varieties of music and I love to change my tunes once in a while, but I always remember my Britney phase because the music is part of me, and I’m not just one genre. Lets just say, as I’m writing this I’m listening to my ipod and I have it in shuffle so the next song is as unpredictable as me.