Tyler - Ransomville, New York
Entered on June 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that the United States education system is severely flawed. It is leading to the pussification and growing proportion of idiots in society. The homework system limits what a student can do in school. There are some kids that know the material, don’t do homework, ace their tests, and end up with a ridiculously low grade for the class. The homework is weighted way too much in the final grade, making some kids fail and repeat a class that they know by heart.

I feel that homework should not be mandatory, but optional. If one kid can learn the material without doing a lick of homework, it should not be held against him. On the other hand, if some other kid can’t learn the material, does no homework, and fails the tests, he would see the incentive in doing the homework. Either that or flunk the course and be forced to retake it. I know that if I failed a few tests, I would be compelled to take a look at the textbook. But if I know the information, why should I waste my time doing stupid and pointless busywork that I don’t need.

Another issue of the pussification of America’s youth in the education system was brought up last year in the news. A Georgia middle school teacher showed five minutes of the movie 300 to his class to demonstrate the Spartan way of life. Some kids ran home crying to their mothers that their teacher had shown them an R-rated movie, and they got involved. The leading cause of the pussification of the youth is stupid parents. These particular parents came to the conclusion that showing this film would contribute to the growing number of maladjusted kids that resort to violence. It’s ridiculous. These are the same people that blame video games and television for their kids’ problems, when the underlying cause most likely is bad parenting. No normally adjusted kid plays a game like Grand Theft Auto and says, “Hey, I could do that.” Only the messed up kids with messed up parents even have that though enter their mind.